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Freegate is an internet circumvention software, which essentially means it acts as a proxy server where internet censorship prevails. It's usually used to access social networking and video streaming websites.

Installation and Configuration
Freegate software has an executable file for quick and easy download. Once you run the executable file, Freegate is automatically in operational mode.

How It Works
Freegate has two operational modes, Proxy and Classic. If you don't specify, it automatically operates in Proxy mode. The difference is that Proxy mode allows you to directly enter the URL on your IE browser and use internet as normal. In Classic mode, you have to go through Dynaweb's home page.
Freegate uses two tunnels to bypass the censorship issues.

Freegate is just that, free. It's highly popular in China, Iran, Syria and Burma, where strict government regulations limit the general public's internet access capabilities. Average users rate Freegate quite highly.

Freegate is only compatible with Windows operating systems and can only run via Internet Explorer. This is a drawback for those who use Mac or Linux platforms. The version currently available is 32-bit compatible. If you need a 64-bit compatible version, you have to request for this from Freegate's creators and publishers, DIT.

Freegate can be used to access international websites just as speedily as you would local sites. There's no special installation required and it doesn't need any system settings changes. The single executable file acts as the one-click solution for safe and anonymous web browsing worldwide.

Connection Speed and Reliability
Freegate has all the speed and reliability issues generally associated with freeware. Connection speed varies according to your own internet connection limitations and reliability depends on your exact location. Since Freegate was initially built to overcome China's internet censorship, it's reliability is high within the republic of China. It's also reputed to be reliable within some Middle Eastern nations with internet restrictions.

Security is a question often raised when talking about Freegate, mainly because it's often recognized as a trojan or malware by anti-virus and anti-spy software. The fundamental reason for this issue is that Freegate is meant to cut across firewalls and protection imposed by governments. This makes it look like a threat to detection applications. So, it gets labeled as a malware, although it's not. Freegate is secure and private, both in proxy and classic modes.

Customer Support
Customer support and troubleshooting issues have to be brought to the attention of Dynaweb. They provide direct email support in most cases. Since it's freeware, you will also find some guides and forums with generic issues under discussion among other users.
It's freeware, so anyone can use it. It works on Windows platforms and can be used anywhere to access censored internet content.
Freegate needs to be tried on individual computers to ensure it works well with your browsers and other installed applications. On occasion, it's glitchy. It's sometimes recognized as malware by Norton and Kaspersky anti-virus and anti-spy software.



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Astro says:
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Product Details

Rating: 6 (Users4834)
Ranking in Networking Software: 1
Recently rated on:
License: Free
File size: 2.00 Mb
Version: 7.40
Last updated: 16/3/2013
Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7
Languages: English
Developer: DIT
Download count (English): 277,770
Download count (Worldwide): 692,820

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